KUBOTA U35 SUPER SERIES EXCAVATOR Zero-Tail Swing and unique hydraulic system deliver high performance digging and dozing even in the tightest corners of the work site Digging or dozing, the Kubota U35 performs like no other compact excavator in its class. Thats because the U35 is packed with innovative features that work together to get the job done faster and easier. Zero-Tail Swing, digital panel, optional hydraulic thumb bracket, short stroke operating levers, and independent fuel filter/water seperator… it is a bold new level of design and performance in the compact excavator class.

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Kubota Kx040 Excavator

				Kubota Kx040 Excavator The Kubota KX040 combines superior strength, versatility and performance to deliver one of the most balanced excavators on the market. Incorporating industry leading technology, the Kubota KX040 produces less noise, reduced edmissions and is equipped with eco mode, which can generate fuel savings by up to 20%. Now with an angle blade model in the lineup the Kubota KX040 sets the benchmark for all other excavators to follow.


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				BOBCAT E42 COMPACT EXCAVATOR Eliminating the use for a foot pedal control, the E42 offers fingertip control boom swing which makes it effortless to operate. The auto idle reduces noise on the jobsite, while improving fuel efficiency. The conventional tail swing makes it simple moving the machine in its narrow stance through tight spaces such as doors, gates, and onto trailers. The E42 can be equipped w/ a long arm to increase your dig depth and reduce your repositioning. Operator comfort is enhanced with a spacious cab, allowing for easy entry and exit, and easy access to the engine for faster maintenance.

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				KUBOTA KX121-3 EXCAVATOR Kubotas powerful and versatile KX121-3 Super Series compact excavator combines smooth operation, reliability, large-bucket capacity and long reach. The KX121-3 is equipped with a four-cylinder, 40.5-horsepower diesel engine, and features a performance-enhancing, load-sensing hydraulic system that provides optimum oil flow to each cylinder, making operation under any load easier and smoother. With a choice between Kubotas hydraulic Float Angle Blade or the new hydraulic 6-in-1 blade, leveling and backfilling work is finished quickly and easily.

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				JOHN DEERE 17D EXCAVATOR The 4,173-lb. 17D reduced tailswing compact excavator has adjustable width tracks and a backfill blade with foldable end sections, enabling it to fit through a 40in. opening. * Tracks extend to a 50in. width * 20% more horsepower, 8% more arm force and 19% more bucket dig force * 7ft. 9in. maximum digging depth and 13ft. 5in. digging reach * Multi-function operations allow simultaneous operations such as swinging and traveling * Standard mechanical quick coupler/hydraulic attachment package

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				KUBOTA KX161-3 EXCAVATOR KUBOTA KX161-3 EXCAVATOR: 42 hp 4 cylinder Kubota diesel engine, Max dig depth 12ft 8inch, Bucket breakout force 8776 lbs. Suspension Seat with retractable seat belt, Variable Displacement Pumps, Load Sensing Hydrualics, Dual element air cleaner, Shorter rear turning radius design, Two speed travel, Half pitch rubber tracks for smoother ride. The Kubota KX161-3 Compact Excavator is improved with a tighter tail swing for excellent protection, visibility and overall stability.

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